The Karabakh Foundation reaches thousands annually through its highly ranked (by Google) Web site as well as via dozens of Foundation public programs, the Azerbaijani Radio Hour, and Foundation publications. The Karabakh Foundation “Cultural Ambassadors” program, an immersive program at Foundation headquarters, has provided hundreds of volunteers to date with an immersive experience in Azerbaijani culture and in cultural diplomacy.

The Foundation fields several research requests each month, from news agencies, filmmakers, scholars, and others. In general the Foundation targets audiences of all ages and backgrounds. Staff and volunteers are engaged long term in developing and presenting programs especially for school-age students.

Among the public recognition that the Foundation has received to date are Washington Post Editor’s Pick, a review in the Voice of America World Music blog, and a Cultural Tourism D.C.’s member spotlight.

Visit the Foundation’s press release archive for more information about the Foundation’s programs. Notable Foundation programs include:

  • Textile Corner at the National Geographic Society’s 1001 Inventions Family Festival
  • Azerbaijani Artist exhibitions at the Pepco Edison Place Gallery
  • Symphony of Voices from Turkic Lands, and other concerts, presented in cooperation with TURKSOY, the intergovernmental cultural organization uniting Turkic nations (Azerbaijan, Turkey, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Tatarstan, Gagauz Autonomy, Crimean Autonomy, Bashkortastan, Tuva, and Khakasia).