The Art of Leyla Rzayev

If interested in purchasing any artwork by Leyla Rzayev, please email with the title of the piece in the subject heading. 30% of proceeds will benefit the Karabakh Foundation.

A Baltimore-based painter and printmaker, Leyla Rzayeva is fortunate to drawn upon cultural influence of Karabakh, Azerbaijan, and the eastern United States in her creative process. Family heritage rooted in Karabakh remains a strong influence and a source of inspiration in the development of her work. During numerous trips to the Caucasus region, Leyla has spent many days working from observation in the local landscape. In order to construct imagery in her prints and paintings, Leyla utilizes direct studies from nature; plein-air landscape painting and drawing sustain her focus in the local landscape.

Leyla received her BFA in painting and printmaking from Maryland Institute College of Art. In addition to her training as a painter, Leyla has pursued her interest in fine art printmaking to become a Tamarind Professional Printer at Tamarind Institute in Albuquerque, New Mexico, a pioneer workshop dedicated to reviving the art of lithography and printmaking in United States.


Close Quarters, 5″ x 7″


Kitchen View, Oil on Paper, 5″ x 7″

Late View, Cromwell House

Late View, Cromwell House, Oil on Panel, 7″ x 5″


Cylburn Mansion, Oil on Panel, 7″ x 5″


First Look, Cylburn Mansion, Oil on Panel, 12″ x 12″


Valley, Oil on Panel, 12″ x 12″


Summer Homes, Oil on Paper, 14″ x 8″


Junipers, Baku, Oil on Paper, 8″ x 5″


Grandfathers House, Baku, Oil on Paper, 10″ x 5″

Spring in Bright Color

Spring in Bright Color, Color Lithograph 1/4, 29″ x 22″

Cylburn Arboretum

Cylburn Arboretum, Color Lithograph 2/3, 29″ x 20″

Valley_Conifers, color lithograph 1slash5, 30 x 21$700

Valley Conifers, Color Lithograph 1/5, 30″ x 21″

Field, color lithograph 2slash6, 29 x 22$500

Field, Color Lithograph 2/6, 29″ x 22″


Spring Shadows, Monoprint, 30″ x 22″


Branches, Monoprint, 30″ x 22″


Apartment Door, Monoprint, 17″ x 14″

Pinions-lithograph-6slash8-21-x-15250-1024x743 (1)_300x218

Pinions, Lithograph 6/8, 21″ x 15″