Staffing & Volunteers

Volunteers are critical to the Karabakh Foundation’s work in countless ways, from interacting with the public at events to in-office researching, writing, and coordinating activities. “Cultural Ambassadors” is the term Foundation staff applies to its crew of volunteers.

Volunteering with the Foundation affords outstanding portfolio- and community-building opportunities. Foundation staff interacts with academic institutions and other organizations to provide credit and references whenever possible.

Volunteers should be U.S. citizens or have permission to work in the United States.

Candidates should send a  concise cover letter stating specific interests and relevant skills,  precise availability (i.e., start/end dates and days and hours available), and any special requirements (e.g., academic forms needed, planned vacations).

Volunteers are encouraged to bring their own laptop to the office. All interns/volunteers are expected to work according to an agreed-upon work plan and to be self-sufficient, reliable, and flexible.  The Karabakh Foundation office provides a constructive team atmosphere, and volunteers are expected to perform additional duties when asked and to conform to the highest standards of professional office conduct.

Staff positions, when available, are advertised on this page.